NetEvidence uses Claranet to launch new products and grow

Executive summary

Challenge: NetEvidence is a private network and application monitoring business. Their flagship product, Highlight, is a reporting solution that provides unprecedented levels of visibility into network and application behaviour. Their existing provider had limited flexibility so they looked to change.

Solution: Highlight is delivered using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model through Claranet’s secure and reliable cloud managed hosting solutions to augment their managed network or connectivity products.

Result: NetEvidence was able to reduce costs and allow staff to focus on growing its core business, rather than maintaining its existing infrastructure.

Limited flexibility with existing provider

NetEvidence previously experienced challenges with their existing hosting service provider in terms of pricing and flexibility. NetEvidence decided to find the right hosting partner who could provide:

  • a flexible platform using pure cloud-based services
  • a hosting solution with a high availability Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • built-in scalability
  • high levels of support
  • a thorough understanding of NetEvidence’s business.

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Expertise and resources

NetEvidence chose Claranet as its hosting provider due to its guarantees around availability, its managed hosting expertise and solution flexibility. NetEvidence did not want to focus on IT management and wanted to focus on their core business; developing new and existing services.

We found Claranet very straight-forward and easy to work with. Not only did they have the credentials and expertise we needed in order to trust them with the hosting of our SaaS products, but the team was extremely open and flexible in terms of the pricing and delivery and tailored the solution to meet our strict requirements.
Andy Scutt
Operations Director, NetEvidence

Claranet worked with NetEvidence on the hosting solution to migrate the existing infrastructure to Claranet’s environment before testing and the go-live. To ensure resilience, Claranet provided the hosting platform across two data centres to guarantee business continuity and availability of the service.

Freedom to focus on growth

Through taking Claranet’s Managed Virtual Hosting service, NetEvidence could reduce costs and allow their team to focus on growing its core business, rather than maintaining its existing infrastructure.

NetEvidence rely on giving their clients continual visibility into their network and application behaviours, and thus rely on Claranet’s hosting platform to deliver the service.

With the right hosting platform now in place we’ve been able to realise a cost saving of approximately 60 per cent on recurring charges alone as well as improve our agility and reactivity. We’re much more adaptive now, which means we can launch new services quickly and easily knowing we have the platform in place to do so, backed up by Claranet’s management expertise.

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