Peugeot and Claranet rally to drive forward its websites

Executive summary

Challenge: Peugeot are a modern and forward-looking car manufacturer. Key to this forward-looking approach is the company’s website, which came under risk when their existing MSP collapsed suddenly. A replacement was needed urgently.

Solution: Claranet provided a managed hosting solution that was flexible and scalable, and implemented the solution quickly.

Result: Peugeot's websites were migrated rapidly and, happy with the service received from Claranet, Peugeot have since migrated additional applications to Claranet's platform.

Urgently replacing old MSP

Peugeot's previous Managed Services Provider (MSP) collapsed. Peugeot had been relying on the MSP to manage the hosting of a number of microsites and suddenly found themselves in the position of having to find, vet and migrate to a new hosting provider quickly – or risk temporarily losing the delivery of these sites.

Beyond our primary site, we also operate a number of distinct tactical campaign microsites which are intrinsically linked to our marketing operations. These sites also hold our online booking engine for test drives, which helps us to feed tangible sales leads to our dealerships. When our old provider folded, we needed to act quickly to find a new one to maintain the delivery of our microsites and avoid any negative impact on the business.
Vijay Mistry
Manager – Technical Services, PSA Peugeot Citroën

Managed hosting solution

Having consulted with and reviewed a number of suppliers, Peugeot opted for Claranet, who developed a proposal that would not only meet their requirements for the immediate short-term, but which would also be fit-for-purpose five years down the line.

Claranet’s recommendations for our hosting solution were head-and-shoulders above the other suppliers that we spoke to.

The team at Claranet proposed a managed hosting solution that was flexible and scalable enough to satisfy our immediate hosting needs, but with the potential to evolve and develop the solution as the business required. Given the time constraints, this was quite a feat. We were impressed with their professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile, so they were the obvious choice.

Peugeot’s microsites were migrated to Claranet’s managed hosting environment, whereby Claranet manages and monitors the infrastructure and the applications themselves. With the initial phase of the migration completed, Claranet worked with Peugeot to devise a migration strategy for other less business-critical applications in its IT estate, which have been gradually moved across to Claranet’s unmanaged environment. Here Claranet provides technical support up to the operating system level, while the technical team at Peugeot supports the applications themselves.

peugeot websites

Rapid migration

The main constraint with this project was time...That Claranet were able to deliver the solution within such a short space of time is an absolute credit to them.

Claranet's team offers ongoing technical support and technical architects, who helped to devise a migration roadmap as the solution evolved. Since initial implementation of the managed hosting solution, Peugeot has increased its workloads and storage, having migrated a large number of additional applications across to Claranet’s unmanaged environment.

Claranet’s technological expertise is plain to see – they understood our requirements immediately – but it has been the overall service wrap that has impressed us the most.

They have been agile and flexible at every turn, working with us to ensure that the solution is functioning the best way possible. Essentially we now have a two tier hosting arrangement with Claranet, but with a single point of contact and a single management structure, which ensures complete transparency in the solution and means that our IT staff can focus their efforts where they are needed most.

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